Looking for an Acer Laptop Chargers?

Before buying an Acer adapter online, we need to make sure about certain things!

Laptop Model Number & Series Name – We need to have the laptop model number & Series Name to Identify the Correct Specifications and Connector size. This information is available at Laptop bottom part. For example, Click here.

Specifications – The 2nd Most Important Step to verifying the correct Adapter is Specifications (Voltage, Amperage & Wattage). The Acer Laptop Chargers runs on different Specs like 120w, 90w, 65w, 45w, so we need to match the exact information available on your laptop or laptop adapter. For example, Click here.

Connector Size – The Part which goes into the laptop to charge up the battery is called a Connector or Tip. It is not necessary that every Acer Laptops fits with the same Adaptor or charger, so we always need to buy the adapter from the authentic or well-known website. Pckart has been in a top in UK for selling Genuine or Replacement Laptop Adapters at Online.

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